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How does a 2 BHK suit every type of homebuyer's needs?

The urban lifestyle is evolving rapidly, and so are our choices and the approach towards everyday life. Individuals need their space, their time but that too by staying together in a harmonious area.

As an example, the nuclear family of today’s time is a live example of improved functionality that keeps up with the evolving pace of life.


2 BHK - perfect size homes

A 2 BHK is a good option for:

  • First-time home buyers
  • Comfortable for a nuclear family
  • Easily available
  • Maintenance is relatively affordable
  • Good value appreciation comparatively
  • Much easier to sell/rent out


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Continue reading to find out other reasons why 2 BHK is the perfect sized home for your family

2 bhk perfect homes


A major deciding factor while buying and selling a home is its affordability. A 2 BHK is usually the first choice as the most pocket-friendly home for a small family and helpful for consumers from the point of usage and price.

2 is better than 1:

If you are buying a home with the primary purpose of investment, then purchasing a 2 BHK is your best bet as it is the most profitable and suitable option. With the point of increase in resale value, it is advantageous as well. Families with kids preferring to stay on rent also opt for 2 BHKs.

Maintenance cost:

The maintenance cost of 2 BHK is comparatively lower than a 3 BHK. The amenities offered defines the maintenance cost of a house. Hence, 2 BHK flat will not only provide you with sufficient space for your living but will give you comparatively lower maintenance cost than 3 BHK.

It will also offer better living space for your family compared to a 1 BHK.

Higher resale value:

As the demands continue getting high, the resale value is always greater than invested. Moreover, the profit percentage depends upon the location and demand of the area, but getting a profit is for sure.

We understand that the planning for the future becomes very crucial, be it buying or investing in a property.

Other factors to consider, include, the location, the size of the family, the financial situation, and the period of the investment. Since investing in a home is often a one-time action, it is imperative to do the necessary homework and make an informed decision.


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